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As one of the four core VCTL teams, the Leadership Cadre developed ways to demonstrate teaching strategies to bolster ASL and English bilingualism that are culturally responsive and trauma-informed. Much of their work focused on transforming traditional, monolingual English syllabi into interactive ASL-English bilingual syllabi.
INT 850 Disseration Proposal Dr. Danielle Hunt
INT 595 Deaf Interpreter Anita Harding
COM 150 Introduction to Communication Marina Dzougoutov, MFA
COM 420 Nonverbal Communication Marina Dzougoutov, MFA
COM 324 Interpersonal Communication Stacy A. Nowak
ITS 110 Programming Fundamentals Todd Bonheyo
MAT 171 Basic Concepts of Mathematics for Early Childhood & Elementary School Teachers Suliman Adeoye, PhD
ENG 360 Writing for Digital Media Rhea Morgenstern
ITF 706/PST 663 Strategies for Developing Communication, Language, & Cognition Sarah Honigfeld, MA
Full Symposium Showcase: Leadership Cadre
**VCTL is using the term deaf in an all-inclusive manner, to include people who may identify as D/deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, and hearing impaired.